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Valley of Oils


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A small, timeless green setting at the foot of the Belledonne range, the valley of oils is a place conducive to relaxation, walks and the discovery of the typical villages that line it.

With its green landscape, alternating between plain forest and marsh, the valley of oils offers a natural break appreciated by locals and visitors alike.
The Pontet marsh - Marais du Haut-Gelon, with its interpretation trail, will allow you to discover the biodiversity present in this large high-altitude wetland. In the expanses of reeds, woodlands or wet meadows, you can discover discreet and rare species, such as the Meadow Tarier or the Loësel Liparis. This marsh is fed upstream by the Gelon which rises from the Montendry peat bogs. In the 2000s, this marsh, drained in the 80s, regained all its splendor thanks to renaturalization work.


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