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Source of Sausse


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Sausse…! an ancestral source of mineral water in the heart of Savoie located in the commune of Villard'Héry near the limits of the commune of Coise.

A real element of local heritage: the history of this source in the mid-19th century is incredible; while it was used by neighboring residents, a doctor from Montmélian, convinced of the therapeutic virtues of this water, decided to create a commercial exploitation of this water called “eau de Coise”
End of the 19th century everything stopped, the site was abandoned, the history forgotten for almost 100 years until in 1998 a group of a few people passionate about Villard d'héry and Coise embarked on the rehabilitation from this source by creating the association “Les Amis de la source de la Sausse”
Today, thanks to clearing work and then restoration of the site, the source has been found, it flows again from the renovated well, the site is maintained, several signposted paths provide access to this source nestled in a setting of vegetation….
By coming to discover the Source de la Sausse you will experience a pleasant hiking experience and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the calm and beauty of the landscapes.

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73800 Villard-d'Hery