About us

All re-krea creations are made from recycled materials. Each recycled piece of jewelery is a unique piece, entirely handmade in France. Inner tube, crocheted beads, electric cables, fabrics and textiles...

Products on sale at the local shop of the Cœur de Savoie Tourist Office in La Rochette, at the Local des Créateurs in Saint Pierre d'Albigny during private sales or on the internet. Re-krea is the art of recovering and diverting everyday objects. “Nothing is lost, nothing is created: everything is transformed.” said Lavoisier. At a time of environmental concerns, eco-design comes to give a second life to objects that we thought were lost. Materials are the primary source of inspiration for re-krea, which transforms them into recycled jewellery. Old crocheted electric cables are transformed into bracelets, remnants of balls of wool knitted into chic and warm neck warmers for winter, a box of aperitif cakes covered with scraps of fabric is transformed into a fancy bracelet, a bicycle inner tube that has been punctured too many times is changed into an elegant collection of earrings...

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