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Mont Granier


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With its cliff more than 900 meters high (the highest in Europe!), Mont Granier watches over the valley and the Cluse de Savoie. Guardian of the Chartreuse massif, it is the landmark for locals and visitors from miles around.

Mont Granier is a legendary mountain well known to locals: beyond its emblematic side which dominates the valley, it is also a whole part of the history of Savoie:
On November 24, 1248, the north side of Mount Granier collapsed. In an immense slide on the marls saturated with water by the very heavy rains of autumn, the limestone blocks were carried several kilometers. Sixteen villages and hamlets were submerged and just over 2 people died. It is on this scree, an exceptional terroir, that the Abymes (AOP) and Apremont (AOP) vineyards were developed. These characteristic landscapes, called "abymes" can be discovered at the foot of the mountain.
On the plateau allowing you to approach the Cross, the biodiversity is typical of mountain environments: rhododendrons, crocuses, ibexes, marmots and chamois are not very far away. The area is part of the Hauts de Chartreuse Nature Reserve, and dogs are prohibited in the area to preserve biodiversity.

Since 2016, part of the hiking trails near the Cross are no longer accessible for your safety, due to a landslide. These are the edge path of the north face, the immediate access to the cross and the path of the doorstep.

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