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Venture on the Chemin des Vignes, a 25 km hike between Montmélian and Saint-Pierre-d'Albigny. After a train ride, continue with a bucolic stroll from vineyards to villages above the Isère plain.

To “walk or die”, we prefer “walk and dream”! Arriving in Montmélian by train, join the Chemin des Vignes hiking trail, and travel 25 kilometers into the heart of the Savoyard vineyards, to see (and drink) the country for 2 days.

This route, on a balcony above the Isère plain, will make you alternate breaths of fresh air, contemplating panoramic landscapes, and glasses of Savoy wine, thanks to the many estates and cellars that line the route.
Don’t hesitate to call them to schedule a well-deserved tasting!

Throughout the towns you pass through, punctuate your journey with micro-adventures off the beaten track: swimming at Lake Carouge in Saint-Pierre-d'Albigny, visiting the Savoie vine and wine museum in Montmélian, thrills at the site of Montlambert seeing the paragliders taking off above your heads...
Arch-fan of architecture? Instead, admire the castles, fortified houses, old priories, Benedictine monasteries, bourgeois residences and even old village ponds.

In short, all tastes are in nature, and in this circuit!
Return by train, for a few last views of the mountains, before returning to your daily routine.

The little +:
Punctuate your itinerary with wine tourism discoveries thanks to the Alpine Vineyards Route webapp (! which lists our service providers and winegrowers labeled Vignobles & Découvertes

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