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GR®738 - Stage 6: La Martinette stopover lodge - Refuge des 7 Laux

Upper Breda

About us

Stage at the heart of the history of the Houille Blanche, driving force of the water used for the purposes of electricity production following the work of Aristide Bergès at the end of the XNUMXth century. Striking lights will surprise you around the lakes.

Dams and penstocks have been part of the landscape here for decades. This passage offers a panorama of the wild massifs of Grande Valloire and Puy Gris as well as the Haut Bréda valley and the 7 Laux ski area. Throughout the year, herds of cattle and skiers follow one another in a perpetual waltz where grazing plays a determining role in the quality of the snow cover and the prevention of avalanches. The 7 Laux plateau, perched at an altitude of more than 2 meters, is home to pastures that are particularly difficult to exploit. Only sheep intended for meat production manage to make use of the meager resources of the steep slopes. This is a herd from the south which comes to spend the summer in the cool. At the shelter, the guardian of the moment is ready to welcome you.

  • Working Languages French

Pratical information

  • Type of clientele
    • hikers
    • Red level - Difficult
  • Activities on site
    • Pedestrian sports
    • Hiking route


  • Cumulative elevation 1180 m
  • Distance 9km


Recommended equipment:
Hiking boots
Depending on the weather: a hat or cap, sunscreen, sunglasses and/or rain gear, walking sticks, meat bag, flashlight, toiletries, warm fleece, hat if the weather is cool , (windproof, Gore-Tex, …)
Backpack with water bladder or 2 liter water bottle
In case

Contact & Access

Refuge des 7 Laux
38580 Upper Breda