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Allues Forge


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A former forge operated by hydraulic power, the two hammers still present bear witness to the pre-industrial past of the Massif des Bauges.
Discover this heritage through the game "The conquest of water rights".

The forge is located on the right bank of the derivation called Otton-le-Jeune. The derivation joins the forge of Allues thanks to a largely open stone channel passing along the houses of the hamlet.

Just before arriving at the forge, the stone border of this channel is cut so as to serve as a spillway. This is a particularly remarkable element. On the last meters the diversion engaged in a metal conduit which was divided into two. Part of the water animated the turbines of the forge, the other fed a hydraulic horn serving as bellows for the forge. Pipe sections are still visible but the trunk has been dismantled.

Large glazed openings have been fitted out to allow the public to see inside the building. Much of the equipment and material is still in place. This is particularly the case of two swifts and their camshaft. These swifts worked thanks to an external vertical turbine of the Canson type still visible along the north facade of the building. A metal bridge has been built above the stream to be able to approach the wheel. The forge was also equipped with another smaller Canson turbine which operated various machines (honing stone, drill press, etc.). In 2011, the equipment of the forge was the subject of an inventory.

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