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Escape game “the witch of the Fort” at the Château de Miolans

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About us

Come and discover without further delay the new escape game at the Château de Miolans, and unravel its mysteries in a medieval setting!

Recently, a very mysterious man came to the castle. He explained that he experienced dark years at the fort, a long time ago. He warned that terrible things would soon happen here.
Since then, strange things have been happening. We hear footsteps echoing on the stairs, and every night, in the old prisons of the fort, there are voices, whispers.
In this troubled context, those responsible for the former “Savoyard bastille” examined the place closely, trying to understand what was happening.
They discovered two things: initials, “MM”, engraved in a very specific location on a wall at the very top of the dungeon.
And a strange inaudible audio message, recorded in one of the prisons.
The decryption of this recording was passed on to special agents who finally managed to clarify it. But all of them were murdered, exactly one hour after listening to it.
In shock, the castle team contacted you. As a historian, specialist in occult sciences, you could undoubtedly understand what is happening at the castle, and put an end to the paranormal phenomena which are tarnishing its image.
Starting by listening to this terrible soundtrack…

  • Working Languages French


From: 18 / 07 / 24 To: 31 / 08 / 24

  • Tuesday : Open
  • Thursday : Open
  • Sunday: Open

at 9:45 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 13:45 p.m. Depending on available places. Mandatory reservation.

Contact & Access

Castle of Miolans
73250 Saint-Pierre-d'Albigny


Payment Methods: Bank / credit card

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  • Full price 12€

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Duration: about 1h20