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Orientation: West, North-West, GPS coordinates: 45°33'12''N - 6°06'50''E, altitude: 1543 m

Flight conditions: favorable conditions with a breeze from the slope in the morning – Opt for South-West take-off in the afternoon. Take-off: Summit of the “Massines” and “Golets” slopes, or SE slope above the Combe de Savoie. Landing: on the Aillon-station side, landing at the “Parapente en Bauges” school in line with the “Massines” take-off. From SE takeoff, possible landing at the “Indiens de Montlamb'Air” (Les Iles) in Saint Jean de la Porte.
Dangers and difficulties: Strong north wind.

Access: To the right of Aillon-station go up the Lindar valley (road then track) towards Gîte “Le Morbié”. Park in the car park before the gîte. Path towards the Col de la Sciaz, then Mont Morbié. Or take the chairlift into the resort. Elevation +240m. Important: To use the chairlift (special free flight rate), call the Aillons Tourist Office:

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