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Col du Granier


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The Col du Granier, gateway to the Chartreuse massif, peaks at 1134m. It overlooks the valley of Savoie on one side and the Entremonts valley on the other. The majestic cliff of Mont Granier dominates it, which is more than 900m high.

An obligatory passage for visitors wanting to discover the valley of Savoie or the Chartreuse, the Col du Granier is a friendly place appreciated both by cyclists who set out to climb one of the most famous passes in the sector, as well as by hikers. or passing visitors. Marked by the history of the collapse of the Mount which dominates it and gave it its name, it is today a real place of life: explanatory reading tables, departure points for hikes and relay points which allow you to take a nice break deserved.
On the many hiking trails nearby, you may have the chance to observe Venus slippers, in flower in early summer. This plant is rare and protected in France, so it is important not to pick it, and to stay on the path so as not to trample it. At other times of the year, you will also be able to observe many other species of fauna and flora: keep your eyes peeled!


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