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From chapels to chapels

From the 14th century, the Val de l'Huile was dotted with small chapels, each hamlet having the habit of having its own, apart from the church of the main town, sometimes far away.

The movement grew until the 18th century. Residents wanted to be able to go there during the week, without it hindering their work. They took their children for evening prayer, after the meal.
Because piety was great and helped with the hard daily life. These chapels were erected either by the most important person or by a single, wealthier or more pious family, or by all the inhabitants of the hamlet. Many of these chapels have now disappeared.

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  • Cumulative elevation 850 m
  • Duration 4h
  • Distance 35km


From: 01 / 01 / 24 To: 31 / 12 / 24

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