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A former student of the Scriptorium in Toulouse, Marine creates her exhibitions for special orders, but also for publishing, communication, graphics or decoration. Classes and workshops on classical and contemporary Latin calligraphy.

"My work focuses on color, imprint and writing. The text, calligraphic in a contemporary way, has an important role: author's text or personal writing, it is the soul of the painting, its common thread. Calligraphy gives it life, from an aesthetic point of view, adding strength and expressiveness. Readable or illegible, it becomes rhythm and forms, combining with color and transparencies. Sometimes the writing is absent, leaving the vegetal prints and color occupy the entire space, opening a window onto imaginary landscapes, brief reminiscences of a known world, of a lost paradise that I am trying to find.

The tone is sometimes nostalgic, always cheerful and light because that is how I go through life. "Navy Gate of Sainte Marie"


From: 01 / 01 / 24 To: 31 / 12 / 24

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One to four days of calligraphy lessons are offered each month, on weekends (a shared lunch break). You can register for Saturday or Sunday, or both. Dates and times on

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