Arc en Lune 3D wire sculpture workshop


About us

Sculpture of characters, animals and objects in 3D made from wire

I am a sculptor, from a family practicing the arts. Always passionate about this medium, I started with drawing, painting and I sculpt wire in 3D.
I find, in the work of the thread entirely by hand, the pencil line of my sketches which develops in space to obtain different faces of the subject treated (character, animal, object, etc.)
There is no school for sculpture developed in 3D wire. My inspiration comes from the sculptor Alexander Calder.
I mainly work with annealed steel wire of different diameters. I bring painted aluminum wire or copper for the detail of certain works. Everything is created by hand using pliers. I may or may not use other materials solely to support my sculptures, such as wood, welded steel, stone or cement.
My technique is thread knotting.
I create my sculptures following two styles: one is subjective and very refined, barely evoking the subject. The other is more in-depth to get closer to the detail and becomes figurative. In the latter case, I add the finer colored threads to my annealed steel base and work them with the technique of weaving and sewing.
I take care of the work of the lines in order to develop the reading of my sculptures thanks to the cast shadows.
Each piece is unique.

It is possible to meet me at the workshop, in this case please make a phone call beforehand to guarantee my presence on site

  • Working Languages French

Contact & Access

Workshop in stone cellar facing the vines
The windmills
214 The Little Path
73800 Chignin